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9/6/05 07:26 pm - loveclothes

Britney has given up her sexy ways in exchange for motherhood. In her most covered-up shoot ever, Britney poses for Elle magazine sporting a new, soccer mom-esque hair do (or is it hair don't?)

Actress and singer Hilary Duff performs on Jay Leno to promote her new album "Most Wanted", August 15, 2005. Consequently, she happens to look a lot like punk rocking, lip syncing party girl, Ashlee Simpson.

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9/6/05 07:22 pm - loveclothes

Heidi Klum is Bizarro-Britney

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

How is it possible that Heidi Klum looks this good with (I'm guessing) one week to go. Where's the bloatedness and the weight gain and the tired visage and everything else that Britney started experiencing even before she got pregnant? Hands up who is starting to conclude that this 'baby' is just a basketball stuffed under the shirt?

Who needs clones when you've got Hollywood?

Oh...I'm sorry..were you under the impression that the endless conveyer belt of young, bangle-wearing, boho loving, blonde, thin, visually interchangeable starlets had stopped?

I present to you ladies and gents, the very attractive Bosworth-Simpson-esque Rachel McAdams from yesterday's TRL...the attack my friends, has only just begun.

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9/6/05 07:18 pm - loveclothes

Tara Reid is drunk again:

Paris Hilton looks busy on her cell phone while doing some shopping with her sister Nicky during their summer vacations in Saint-Tropez, southern France, on July 25, 2005.
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