Jennifer Garner gives birth

Dec. 1, 2005 — Ben Affleck, who's taken knocks for his acting, has landed his biggest role yet — father. He and wife, Jennifer Garner, are parents to a baby girl.

Garner, 33, gave birth to the couple's first child at a Los Angeles hospital after labor was induced Wednesday night, according to Us Weekly magazine. A source told the magazine that Affleck, also 33, was by his wife's side in the delivery room, "the entire time."

Affleck and Garner first worked together in the 2001 film "Pearl Harbor," and co-starred in 2003's "Daredevil," in which he played the comic book hero and she was Electra, a part she reprised last year.

In June, the couple simultaneously announced their marriage and Garner's pregnancy. The baby, reportedly named "Violet," is the first child for both actors.

Affleck's previous relationship, with actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, turned him into a tabloid sensation.

The overexposure was said to have hampered his movie career. In 2004, he starred in such bombs as "Gigli," "Paycheck," Jersey Girl," and "Surviving Christmas." This is the first year since 1996 that Affleck has not appeared in a film.

Garner starred in the ABC television series "Alias," which will conclude its five-year run in May. Earlier this year, the plotline of the show was expanded to include the pregnancy of Sydney Bristow, her spy character.

Garner is expected to resume her film career soon. This spring, she began filming "Catch and Release," which is set to open next year.

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Jessica and Ashlee don't compromise their values

"Jessica and Ashlee never did the photoshoot with David LaChapelle. He is bitter because the girls refused to compromise their integrity due to the type of shots he wanted to take. The girls were willing to compromise ideas and bring them into a more believable/fan friendly format but David LaChapelle was unwilling to work with them. It was his way or the highway. The Simpson girls chose the highway! They will never compromise their values for a photoshoot. They will always be true to their hearts and if that is uncool then they completely welcome being uncool! One must stand strong to remain strong!"